The methodology

Road paving from materials to paving,
the Amplia Infrastructures methodology

Talking about road or asphalt paving, Amplia Infrastructures has the know-how and tools for the production and installation of bituminous mixtures. It takes care of the entire process from the selection and qualification of raw materials, to the study and formulation of modified bitumen and mixtures, their production and subsequent lay-down to the conformity control of requirements and performance.

The work methodology is configured in four main phases:

1 – Central Laboratory of Magliano Sabina (RI), owned by Amplia Infrastructures, highly qualified personnel carries out the selection and qualification of components, the elaboration of mix design studies, product characterization tests (modified bitumen and bituminous conglomerates) and coordinates the quality control work of materials carried out by the laboratories of the production sites, located throughout the Autostrade per l’Italia network.

2 – With the aim of achieving strict quality control of the binder, Amplia Infrastructures has been producing almost all of its own requirements for years. It has three modified bitumen production plants located at the production units in Bologna, Loreto and Magliano Sabina. The in-house production of the modified binder makes it possible both of experiment with new components and formulations and to produce “customised” bitumen according to particular production requirements.

3 – Owner of several asphalt plants for the production of bituminous mixtures, Amplia Infrastructures has 15 fixed operating units strategically located on Autostrade per l’Italia’s network and a mobile plant available to be transferred if necessary.

4 – Amplia Infrastructures has 15 paving teams for thee lay-down of asphalt mixtures. A complete fleet of equipment is available for each team, consisting of 18 road milling machines, 33 pavers, 72 compactors, as well as support machinery. Over the years, the teams have gained a great deal of experience in carrying out paving work in presence of traffic and at night, which makes them highly specialized and competitive, guaranteeing high quality work.