Extreme Recycling of Asphalt
project between innovation and sustainability

Extreme Recycling of Asphalt (ERA) – research project inspired by principles of environmental sustainability and innovation – aims to increase the use of reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) obtained by milling of old pavements in bituminous mixtures and, at the same time, to lower the production and paving temperatures.

The activities, which began in 2010, are the result of collaboration between Amplia Infrastructures S.p.A, an Atlantia Group company specialising in road paving, and the Department of Civil Engineering, Building and Architecture (DICEA) of the Polytechnic University of Marche.

Over the course of a decade, experimental initiatives (still in progress) of international importance have been carried out both in the laboratory and in situ, which have gained the appreciation of the scientific community. The link between the entrepreneurial and academic world has made it possible to achieve important results, promoting a productive exchange of skills and raising the level of knowledge in the road materials sector.

Extreme Recycling of Asphalt project

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Cold recycling

Cold recycled bituminous mixtures offer the possibility of using maximum RAP percentages. However,  the performance evalution of cold recycled mixtures  requires in-depth analysis for their optimal use in asphalt pavements.

Hot recycling

The aim of this task, “hot recycling” is to investigate, with an innovative approach, the performance of bituminous mixtures packed with modified hard bitumen with high RAP content.

Warm recycling

The study of the “warm recycling” task is aimed at identifying the “warm” technology most suited to the production needs of the bituminous mixtures used on the Italian motorway network.

Dissemination of results and sharing of the scientific know-how

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Asphaltica 2021 Conference

The ERA project will be presented at the 9th edition of ASPHALTICA, the International Exhibition dedicated to Technologies and Solutions for Road Pavements, Safety and Road Infrastructures, which will be held in Verona from 3rd to 7th March 2021.